Moritz has created the new Moritz BaPA (Barcelona Pale Ale), the first collaborative beer made by the citizens of Barcelona, ​​a beer that represents “the main values ​​of the city”.

As a first step, and with the collaboration of the market research company Kantar Millward Brown, Moritz conducted a survey to learn in depth the characteristics that would have the beer that could represent Barcelona and all its citizens.

This beer is a new creation of the Moritz Beer Lab, the R&D laboratory of the brewery, where Moritz produces limited edition beers. For the study, 400 beer consumers between 18 and 65 years old, 60% men and 40% women, from Barcelona capital, were interviewed. They were asked about their preferences for color, aroma or ideal time to have a beer, and what values ​​were associated more with Barcelona.

From the results obtained, Albert Viaplana and Germán Melgarejo, brewmasters of Moritz Barcelona, ​​have developed the Moritz BaPA, “a very aromatic beer, yellow-gold, silky and ideal to drink on the terraces”.

The Moritz BaPA combines 5 hops, each from a continent, to emphasize the “cosmopolitan” value of Barcelona, ​​underlined by the respondents.

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