Moritz Barcelona Brewery

At the Moritz Barcelona Brewery beer and cuisine go hand-in-hand. A setting for those momentary pleasures that represent modernity in the 21st century, according to Jean Nouvel himself, the architect given the task of breathing new life into the brewery. The culinary offering, courtesy of leading chef Jordi Vilà, features both national and international influences. A unique proposition allowing patrons to sample different varieties of fresh, unpasteurised Moritz, brewed on site at the micro-brewery. A true oasis for beer lovers in the heart of the city.

El Velódromo

«El Velódromo», Bar-Restaurant, founded in 1933, was a legendary literary café at Carrer Muntaner 213 that for years played host to devotees of cultural salons, politicians and intellectuals, before becoming one of the most fashionable nightspots in uptown Barcelona in the 1980s and 90s. The establishment subsequently closed, and at Moritz we wanted to relaunch the venue, while maintaining its history and original art deco spirit.

El Velódromo is now both an eatery and a setting for cultural and artistic events, making it a sophisticated meeting point just as it was in the past. The kitchen serves up meals from 6 o’clock in the morning to 3 o’clock, with the emphasis on Catalan cuisine prepared using the finest produce.

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