We want our bars to be able to raise the blind more easily so that every good news can keep ending up in bars. For this reason, Cervezas Ambar launches Platform 0.19 to help bars maintain the catering industry in the crisis caused by COVID-19, Above all, that of those who are in danger in small towns or in our neighborhoods.

By consuming the products that bear the seal of the platform in bars, we collaborate with 0.19 cents (per liter, per box, per package …) to preserve the locals employment. The money raised will go to an emergency solidarity fund and will be transformed into direct grants of € 400 to the establishments.

This solidarity action has been promoted by Cervezas Ambar, together with Fundación Ibercaja, CETHA, Cafés and Bars Association, Horeca Zaragoza, Provincial Association of Hospitality and Tourism of Huesca and the Association of Tourist Entrepreneurs of Teruel.

Ambar, very very special

Ambar Especial, “same as ever”, has become to the occasion in Ambar very very special. Every time someone consumes it in a bar, they will be contributing to the bars being open. Thus preserving the local employment, and with it all the celebrations, meetings and keeping the good times rolling.



Ambar muy muy especial

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