[Our Values]


For us, product quality is essential. As is the service that we offer our customers.

Quality has always been the foundation on which our business is built. When it comes to such an essential element, it is not a matter simply of having the finest ingredients, important as that undoubtedly is, but the ability to transmit quality at every stage of the process to ensure an outstanding product, in the right condition and at the right time. Seeking out suppliers and partners who share this working vision is vital if the end customer is to appreciate the know-how that you have put into your product.

[Our Values]


We are passionate about our craft, and everything that surrounds it.
Some suggest that we border on the obsessive, but that is only because they do not have such an amazing job as ours. We have to admit we simply love it. And that can be seen in the quality of the new beers we develop, the hours we spend talking about our trade. It can be seen when we go to a bar, and when we arrive home and tell our families about it. After all, how could we not love doing something we enjoy ourselves, and that also gives enjoyment to others?

[Our values]


We have been brewing beer for more than 150 years now, we are the longest-standing brewing group in the country, and still the smallest.
Of every three beers drunk around the world, one is produced by a global brewing giant. Focusing just on Spain, the situation remains very similar. In a sector of huge multinationals, we are committed to local taste and respect for tradition. We make the products that we believe in, not what the market dictates.

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