Original La Zaragozana brewery

This is the longest-standing brewery in Spain still in operation, which stands at the very heart of the city of Zaragoza, in the historic San José district. It is a living and breathing museum of beer, retaining its own malting facility from the 1930s, and its traditional fermentation vats. Every year it receives more than 10,000 visitors, eager to learn about the brewing process at first hand.

Ambar Brewery (Under construction)

In 2008 we began to build a new brewery. And oddly enough, the best way to set about it was back to front. In other words, we started with the tail end of the brewing process, by transferring the storage silo first, followed by the packaging plant, and are now filtering the beer in the new brewery. We expect to have completed the process by 2019, when we will then have both the oldest brewery in Spain, and the most modern.

Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona

Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona stands on Ronda de San Antoni, at the same site in the city where it originally opened its gates in 1964. Reopened following a refurbishment by the renowned French architect Jean Nouvel, it retains the essence of its 150-year history. Today it is a multifunctional on-premise facility open to the public, with its own production plant which every day brews beer to be consumed fresh.


This plant located in Jaraba has mineral spring waters and a soft drinks factory dating back more than 60 years. It has always stood out for its product innovation: it launched the first screw-cap bottles in Spain, and pioneered the introduction of lemon, orange and cola-flavoured drinks in one-litre bottles.
The springs are located in the town Jaraba, with mineral water being sold under the Lunares and Cañar de Jaraba brands. Carbonated and soft drinks using the famous Konga brand are also produced.

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